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Northern Ireland has an abundance of talented and eager theatre students hungry to progress in to an ever developing industry. The JH Academy has been designed to be perfectly placed to develop the skills that  young students need. We focus on intensive dedicated training, based on the same curriculum that is being taught in higher education theatre schools. We give our students the tools and skills they need to progress into the professional industry. Working alongside the International College of Musical Theatre (ICMT) London, Rome, New York and Belfast, allows us to be uniquely placed to offer the best in professional training and career advice.

We at the James Huish Academy are proud to be affiliated with the “International College of Musical Theatre”.

A complete dedicated

Roadmap to entering the industry

The JH Academy and ICMT will hold regular assessments of all our students. A point scheme has been designed so that we can track the progress of our student’s developments throughout their student career. This pushes our students to always want to improve. This process could mean an automatic offer in to ICMT. The assessments and classes are designed to mimic the assessments and classes the students would experience if they were studying full time. This seamless method of teaching will go a long way to alleviate any concerns our students and parents may have about what the future may hold in theatre school when that time comes. ICMT auditions will be held in Belfast every year.

Why Choose

Our Academy?


Musical theatre shows have a rich history that stretches in to the fine arts of Ballet…


Various techniques of acting are taught in many different styles. We will help our students…


We help our students see how vocal health and well-being are so important to their voice…

Music Theory

It is vitally important to be able to understand what we are trying to make our voices…


Keeping in shape is vital for a performer. The ability to demonstrate stamina and flexibility…

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“I am so delighted that this level of training for young people is now being offered. It is unique to see such a level of training at this age and so very vital to produce children of exceptional talent. I cannot wait to see the great things being achieved by the JH Academy and ICMT in the years to come”.

– Rachel Tucker

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