An Overview of our

Academy Classes

The Academy will run for a full day every Saturday in our state of the art facility. This space has been specifically designed for each element we teach, providing a safe and dedicated learning space. Our students will be taught initially in small groups based on skill level rather than in age groups. This means our students develop at a pace in line with their ability and not age group. We push our students to achieve their full potential. The morning sessions will be focused entirely on training and based on a strict dedicated curriculum. Training sessions will consist of the following classes.

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Dance Classes

Musical theatre shows have a rich history that stretches in to the fine arts of Ballet and Modern styles of dance, such as Jazz and Tap. Each disciple of dance is taught by a specifically qualified teacher from each discipline

Acting Classes

Various techniques of acting are taught in many different styles. We will help our students investigate their own way of connecting with character and explore methods such as Stanislavski’s system and the Meisner technique and other various methods.

Singing Classes

We help our students see how vocal health and well-being are so important to their voice, along with how to warm up safely and efficiently. We will be teaching the Estill Method of voice training by concentrating on vowel shaping and formation and we will also use the CVT (Complete Voice Technique).

Music Theory Classes

It is vitally important to be able to understand what we are trying to make our voices do and the ability to sight read, although not a requirement is a huge advantage when it comes to the world of musical theatre. Having the ability to see what we must do with our voice helps tremendously. This would also tie in to actor musician work.

Fitness & Health

Keeping in shape is vital for a performer. The ability to demonstrate stamina and flexibility are paramount when it comes to auditioning for theatre school. All dance teachers would look for this in earnest when deciding if a student has what it takes. Technique is on its own not enough. Performance and energy are vital. We will help our students to build a regime to keep their bodies healthy and flexible.

The Afternoon Sessions

The afternoon sessions are focused on performance for our productions, presentation and assessments. This gives our students so much opportunity to demonstrate in practice as we rehearse. Our tutors can then establish and pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of individuals and offer additional training and classes to address these areas, pushing our students to become the best they can be. This additional training program will consist of evening classes at the academy which are provided at an extra cost.





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